Well, here we go | In-depth #1

I can’t believe I’ve already spent a half a year in TALONS. So far I’ve finished Eminent, gone on a retreat, and made a bunch of incredible friends. If you would have asked me, I would have thought summer was like, 2 weeks ago. (possibly my horrible time perception, or that time is actually just a human construct and actually can’t be measured because the only thing that we’re sure is happening is what’s in front of our eyes, but all facts are debatable) Anyways, here we are, half way through the year, starting arguably the most challenging and signature project, In-depth™.

This year I’ve decided to really dive into a passion that I’ve never really got into seriously in the past, which is film making. I’ve always really enjoyed and been inspired by the film industry, more particularly showing and expressing emotion and ideas through film. I think it’s a marvelous form of art. Anyhow, in the past 3 years I have gotten reALLY REALLY into T.V. shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The 100, The Walking Dead etc. I think all these shows are an incredible example of storytelling through motion picture, and an example of how far technology has progressed in recent years. These particular shows (along with a few others) are what really inspired me to stop watching and start creating.

My ultimate goal for this year’s In-depth is to create a singular short film (possibly multiple if I have the time in the end, but overall, quality > quantity) using universally known techniques and methods expressed through my camera work, scene setting, audio etc. At the end of the year during In-depth night I want to present my film to the audience and collect their feedback on it.

Like a said briefly before, I have done film in the past, however nothing compared to what I aspire to finish this year. For Christmas, I got a really nice camera, so I’ll be using that for filming my videos. As far as editing goes, I know how to use Premier pro pretty well, but  Adobe After Effects only to a minimal extent, so I’m anticipating my mentor will be teaching me more about that process during In-depth.

So for my mentor, I was originally really stumped and worried about who was going to be teaching and leading me on my endeavor. I talked to Ms. Vittie (my photo teacher) who I put down as a resource as she knows about photography and compositional strategies, lighting and scene setting, which is a large part of film making in itself. However, as I talked to her I realized that I couldn’t just use her as a mentor considering she didn’t know anything about the other stuff that I had to learn. She referred me to all the teachers she knew in the tech wing of the school, specifically those who had graduated from film or animation school. I emailed them, and they had all decided Mr. Udell was the best decision to ask. I emailed him and he set me up with Kam, which I’m assuming is one of his students. He mentioned that she was extremely capable and would help me out a lot. I have emailed her a couple of times, but I am yet to discover her capabilities or anything about her, really. This being said though, I’m confident that Mr. Udell’s opinion holds true and she will help me out a lot.

I will be updating my progress by updating my blog with little clips of things that I’ll use to practice specific skills that I’ve learned. For my final project, I also want to make a behind-the-scenes reel where I show off all the steps it took to create my film.

This project has come off as a little intimidating, but I’m really eager and ready to get started. Some of the ideas that I have so far are really developing quickly and are looking like strong contenders as far as my final projects go. Well, I suppose that’s it. If you’re reading this, good luck with In-depth and don’t procrastinate! Bye!

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  1. Secure your mentor soon. You need to reflect on your first or second meeting with your mentor in your next post. What types of films do you hope to shoot? You may wish to do a joined film with Charlotte as well.

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